The Maldives is a unique country and is one of the most tropical and exotic places on Earth. Renowned as a world-famous holiday destination for people from all over the world, Maldives offers everything that a tourist would like to see. Like breathtaking nature’s charm; turquoise waters; pure white beaches with swaying palms; and the most amazingly diverse and colorful aquamarine life.  

This is the reason why it’s called a ‘Paradise on Earth’. 

But the Maldives is also much more than that. It is also a place that has to its credit several unique truths, with some of them that you would’ve never assumed.

Truths About Amazing Maldives

The Maldives is a place quite unlike any other on Earth. Not only is it one of the most beautiful places on Earth but it is also a place that will stun you with amazing truths that you would never have assumed.

Here are some such facts: 

Flattest Country In The World

The Maldives is the flattest country on Earth, with an average altitude of 1.8 meters over sea level. So flat is it that the highest spot is located in Villingili Island at 2.3 meters. 

It today occupies a prominent place in the Guinness World Records as not just the flattest country in the world but also as the lowest country in the world, with a maximum elevation above sea level of 2.4 meters. 

Unique Constitution And Flag

The Maldives has a unique constitution. It considers only people from the religion of Islam as its citizens while people from other religions are not regarded at all.

The flag of Maldives is also unique. It is made up of a green rectangle in the center with a crescent encompassing it, flanked by a red rectangle. The color red depicts the sacrifice of the people who lost their lives while defending their nation. Likewise, the color green indicates tranquility and accomplishment while the Moon symbol stands for the official religion of the country, that is, Islam.

Unique Weekends

The weekends in the Maldives are quite unlike any other in the world. The Maldives does not consider Saturday and Sunday as weekends as is done in western countries. Instead, it regards Friday and Saturday as weekends. Friday is celebrated as a ‘Thank God’ day.

People in the Maldives work on Sunday while enjoying Friday and Saturday as weekends. 

World ‘S First Underwater Cabinet Meeting

Meetings are generally held in conference or meeting rooms. But in 2009, Maldives created a unique moment in the world’s history. The Maldives Government hosted the world’s first-ever cabinet meeting underwater. What made it unique was that the meet was held with scuba gear and oxygen tanks replacing the normal business suits and ties worn for a meet. 

The purpose of such a meeting was to create awareness about the impact of climate change and highlight the threats posed by it to low-lying nations. The Maldives is a low-lying Indian Ocean nation and one of the most vulnerable ones that risk being wiped off the world map by rising sea waters 

World’s Biggest Fish 

The Maldives has an amazing marine life ecosystem. It is one of those unique places on Earth where people can watch whale sharks, considered the world’s biggest fish. They can be seen all year round.

Those who seek adventure on the high seas can relish the prospect of spotting them and in some cases, even jostling side-by-side with them. However, to avoid risks, it is advisable to seek out such incursions with a certified instructor. This way, one can get up and close for a stunning view.

Rare Coral Beaches

The Maldives has several stunning beaches. They mostly have pristine white sands which are of coralline origin. The sand is pure and fine white. 

Generally, coralline beaches are rare across the world. There are barely 5% of them in the world. And the Maldives has plenty of them. That is why the Maldives honeymoon packages are considered a paradise on Earth.

Turtles & Coconut Trees

The Maldives has five of the seven species of marine turtles, quite unlike any other nation on Earth. The turtles are leatherback, Olive Ridley turtles, green sea turtle, loggerhead, and hawksbill.

Another aspect that’s unique to the Maldives is the coconut tree. It is one of the main symbols that is used to signify it. What makes the coconut trees unique are they not only offer the much-needed shade on the beaches but are also a worthy source of wood. These woods are strong and sturdy, good enough to make boats or old dhonis.

Islands And Atolls

The Maldives has around 26 atolls and 1190 islands. Out of these, 187 are inhabited including 106 standalone luxury resorts, 200 are occupied, and 110 are left totally for tourism and luxury destinations. This makes Maldives honeymoon packages the most preferred by honeymooners.

This is what makes traveling through the ocean waters a common thing.

Sinking And Sinking

Thanks to global warming, its less than average altitude, rising sea levels, and increasing land erosion, Maldives is sinking into the ocean. This is adversely affecting the coral levels as well as the marine life. 

Even though the Government of Maldives has passed several strict laws to prevent further damage and degradation, experts reckon that at the current pace, it will become submerged by 2030.

The Maldives is also known for its unique dhonis, which means old boats. They are extensively used for fishing or moving around on the sea. What makes them so unique is that they are based on an old Arabic sailing dhow structure. This was said to be used in the 11th century as a sailor ship.

The sun’s appearance in the Maldives is unique. Since the island is close to the equator, it gets its sunlight almost at an angle of 90 degrees. This can be a danger and it’s generally advisable to avoid looking at the sun directly. To stay protected, it’s better to carry sun protection ointment or cream with an SPF of 50+.


The Maldives is one-of-a-kind places on Earth. Its very location in the Indian Ocean surrounded by 99% sea waters and just 1% landmass, makes it unique. 

Blessed with all the bounties of nature that make it so admired, the Maldives is a destination that one should never miss seeing. So, if you’re planning a holiday there, then make sure you get in touch with Tours and Travel Agency in Chennai. Else, if you plan to make it a honeymoon destination with your partner, then make sure you contact Olivel Tours – the best Tours & Travel Agency in Chennai for the best Maldives honeymoon package.