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Krabi, situated on the west shoreline of southern Thailand is a world-renowned traveler center. Home to the celebrated Phi Islands and Railay Beach, Krabi has solidified its status as an absolute necessity visit spot for any courageous voyager. The shimmering blue waters and white sandy shores make the sensation of this spot incredibly loosening up and an optimal departure from the island. There are around 150 islands and islets around the Krabi shore for those who travel & are intrigued by island jumping. One can likewise observe the peaceful sight of Wat Tham Sua or go through the early evening time walking around Krabi Town.

Chiang Mai

A combination of conventional culture converging with amazing Thailand design, Chiang Mai is the biggest city in Northern Thailand and is the best Tourist location. Take in the rich history as you stroll around the roads of Chiang Mai’s Historical Center and look upon the old city dividers and the Buddhist sanctuaries settled inside it, similar to the Wat Phra Singh (Gold Temple). Enjoy some time off and stop for some espresso at one of the numerous clubs and cafes, reviving among the normal excellence of the area. When the sun sets, remember to take in the sights of Chiang Mai’s glamorous night markets. They offer a variety of items available to be purchased from the Northern Thai, Burmese, and Lanna societies.


Rayong, the capital of Rayong Province is situated on the east shoreline of the Gulf of Thailand. It’s a famous traveler’s objective, inferable from its grand seashores and immense stretches of beautiful scenes. Guests here can pick to go island jumping or unwind and participate in an assortment of water-sport exercises. One may likewise visit the Ban Phe Seafood Market, partake in a fascinating organic product buffet at Suan Lung Thongbai, Suan Lamai, Suan Sangdad, or other nearby plantations. Experience the instinctive excellence of Mu Koh Samet National Park or essentially go for a walk through the curious Yomjinda street during their visit at Rayong.


Chiang Rai

Would you rather consume in the isolation that accompanies investigating the land? Then, at that point, Chiang Rai would be the ideal spot for you!

Take in the sights of orange-robed priests offering day-by-day petitions at the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and respect the Khun Korn Waterfall falling in the scenery. A portion of the other striking areas to visit here would be the Baan Dam (Black House), Wat Rong Khun (The White Temple), and Wat Rong Suea Ten (The Blue Temple)



Declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, Ayutthaya is located a mere 2 hours’ train ride away from Bangkok. Ayutthaya was originally founded in 1350. Brimming with rich history and culture surrounding its origin, Ayutthaya is a hotspot for any archeologist or history enthusiast to visit. While you must pay a visit to all the temples here, don’t miss out on Wat Mahathat and Wat Phra Sri Sanphet.


Chanthaburi is a secret shoreline, an awesome tourism place & situated on the banks of the Chanthaburi River. It is the capital of the Mueang Chanthaburi District. From investigating the interesting riverside networks, climbing among the rich scenes of Khao Khitchakut National Park, and offering supplication at King Taksin Shrine, there’s much to do during your visit to Chanthaburi. Assuming that you’re hoping to unwind, why not visit a portion of the quiet seashores here? Come, experience the dazzling sight of sky and ocean at Kung Wiman Beach and let the ocean breeze revive you.

Khao Sok National Park

Proclaimed in 1980 as the 22nd public park in Thailand, Khao Sok spreads a noteworthy 285-square mile range across Southern Thailand. On your visit here, you can recognize the subtle Rafflesia, the heaviest blossom on Earth that is local to this land. Inundate yourself inside the peacefulness of the woods. Partake in the impression of the sunset across the glorious lakes and native hovels you might track down drifting along these lakes.



An assortment of Thai food, yet additionally assorted classes of restaurants Thailand brings to the table, with various styles, formats, and areas. To simplify it, we should check out the rundown beneath to more deeply study your delightful decisions.

Global eateries are like Italian cafés, Chinese eateries, Japanese eateries, and Vietnamese cafés.

For the most part, inexpensive food and conveyance eateries serving seared chicken, burgers, pizza, and so forth, are from abroad.

For road food eateries, they give a wide scope of choices, typically with rice, for clients to pick. Well-known dishes are curries, sautéed vegetables or meat, clear soup, and zesty plates of mixed greens.

Individual eateries are a special Thai food culture where clients are presented with choices they picked from the menu. Every menu is ordinarily simple and sets aside only a bit of effort to cook, like seared rice, pan-seared vegetables or meat, salad, to single dishes, for example, pan-seared noodles.

Food slows down and offers a particular menu, like chicken rice, stewed pork leg with rice, grilled pork with rice, glass noodles, and noodles.

Road food in Thailand is typically seen along the road. Clients can eat it there.

The food focuses in retail chains require coupons or money cards in purchasing the food.

Buffet cafés are the place where you can have everything you can eat at a particular cost. Japanese and barbecue restaurants regularly offer this kind of food.

There are additionally numerous different kinds of eateries that can’t be effectively sorted. However, you can find everything to eat, going from something you are natural to something you are not.!




1. When is the best time to go to Thailand?

Based on your travel interests, the best time to visit Thailand differs. The cool season between November and February is a wonderful chance to visit as temperatures sit enjoyably around the last part of the 20s.

2. Is getting to Thailand simple?

Getting to Thailand is basic! From Australia, every day non-stop flights are booked to withdraw from most significant urban communities to Bangkok. Visit our Olivel page on getting to Thailand for more data.

3. How would I get around Thailand?

There are numerous ways of getting around Thailand. From private vehicles, tuk-tuk, and shuttle buses to trains and travels, there’s a method of movement to suit your necessities. For more about getting around Thailand visit on our Olivel Tourism page.

4. Is Thailand a good destination to take children?

Of course, Thailand is a great destination for kids! Many hotels and resorts specifically cater to families, with plenty of great deals and entertainment available. Thailand additionally offers youngsters a wide exhibit of exercises and attractions to keep kids engaged. Set aside cash by consolidating all your vacation needs into one little value, look at our family occasion bundles.

5. What is the currency in Thailand?

The Thai Baht is the authority cash of Thailand. Every baht is partitioned into 100 satangs. A common meal will cost roughly 150 baht.

6. Would I be able to utilize my phone and the internet?

Most resorts offer wireless broadband internet and popular tourist areas also feature internet cafes. We suggest purchasing a local SIM for mobile phone and internet access.