Nepal Tour Packages


Nepal is synonymous with trekking and adventure and is truly a paradise for adventure and culture loving tourists and travelers. The combination of the natural beauty of the Himalayas and the wildlife, culturally inclined temples, stupas and monasteries, and the various kinds of adventures and sports available here makes it the perfect destination for a tour like a pot-pourri. We have some of the best tour packages for Nepal and cheapest Nepal tour packages which will entice you to visit this charming country.


There are only a very few countries in the world which offer a well packaged set-up for an independent travel such as Nepal does. This country gives its visitors a feeling of “Nirvana” that cannot be achieved in many other countries. Cities in Nepal such as Pokhara and Thamel with their myriad of bustling cafes, pizzerias, bakeries and trekking shops will make you feel as though you are in Disneyland, only difference being you are backpacker looking for adventure. A contrast to these cities are the country side which still sustains a traditional and slow paced mountain life for its resident villagers along with the heaps of mountainous adventures that gleam on the horizons of the peaks. The only problem that you may face in your entire travel duration is that you cannot cover everything mentioned on your Nepal Tour packages in one single trip and hence this country keeps receiving loyal tourists who visit again and again to see the multitude spots they weren’t able to cover on their previous trip. There are so many different ways that you can explore the many attractions and landscapes in the country by means of rafts, mountain bikes, tourist buses and motorbikes.

This country is a good place for couples to visit and bond too so we also have a lot of Nepal packages for honeymoon to choose from


The ultimate ambition for any hiker, trekker or adventure junkie is to climb the Himalayan regions in Nepal because of the most iconic and rugged trails to Mount Everest, Annapurna and others that one can find here. Nowhere else in the world can one enjoy a trek up such a trail with a comfortable thought in your mind that at the end of the day there is a hot meal in a cozy lodge that awaits you at the various base camps. The adventure activities that you can find in this region are bungee jumping into the Himalayan valleys, white water rafting in the rivers, Canyoning, kayaking, paragliding, hiking and mountain biking to name a few set amongst the majestic backdrops of the snow-capped mountains.


An altogether different topography than the snow-capped peaks are the lush green jungles in the south of the country. here, nature lovers can go about bird watching with its array of exotic species and also go on safaris scanning the jungles for rhinos, tigers, crocodiles and many other faunas. Even for Safaris, the tourist can choose from two different safaris, one that of a luxury safari with a lodge or a more adventurous trip into the wilderness of the jungles in a remote area. Enroute these safaris you can also visit the birthplace of Lord Buddha known as Lumbini. Choose from one of our best tour packages for Nepal to have an enriching holiday experience.


Most travelers prefer to explore this country at a more gracious pace as they admire the beautiful sunsets in the Himalayas which paint the sky yellow and orange over glasses of gin and tonic and taking a stroll through the medieval cities of Bhaktapur, Patan, Kathmandu and others. One can also join the Buddhist pilgrims and take a walk around the stupas and monasteries which are over a century old. Nepal still remains the cultural domain of the Himalayas even after the massive earth quake which shook the country in the year 2015. If you are a cultural lover, then the Kathmandu valley is a must visit to witness the top-class palaces, hidden shrines and the magnificent temple artworks. Want to learn more about the Tibetan culture and Buddhism and also to make the delicious momos (dumplings)?? Then head over and book one our many Nepal Tour packages and experience the best of the city.

Let us have a look at the Best places to visit in Nepal and the top sights in each city on your Nepal holiday packages.


Kathmandu as a city is a treat to all senses the moment you step off your plane with a riot of colours, sights, smells and sounds. Travel through the jam-packed lanes on a rickshaw in the old town and explore the stunning temples. This city can be amazing, intoxicating and make you exhausted all at the same time! although the earthquake which occurred in 2015 shook the country, many of the temples here remained intact. These hidden temples are always adorned with marigold flowers and its courtyards filled with chillies and rice left to dry in the sun. in this city, there is enough to keep you entertained for almost a week.

Some of the places to visit in Kathmandu are;

● Old Town
● Kumari Bahal
● Swayambhunath Stupa
● Garden of Dreams
● Durbar Square
● Itum Bahal
● Asan Tole
● Nasal Chowk
● Indra Chowk
● Seto Machendranath Temple (Jan Bahal)


With its stunning scenery, adventurous activities, a galore of food and accommodation to choose from, and many other attractions, this city of Pokhara will tick the right boxes on your Nepal Tour packages. This city is the perfect destination in Nepal to give you a boost of energy and rejuvenation after you have had a tiring trip exploring this country. the feel of the city is much more chilled out and relaxed when compared to Kathmandu. There is a very tranquil lake in the city where you can rent paddle boats and go boating. The best part of this city is that from the lake or if you are lucky even from your hotel room you can view the beautiful snow-capped mountains of the Himalayan region. Pokhara has much more to offer than just this, you can even go paragliding which is considered the best in the world as it is surrounded by white water rivers. Pokhara is known to be the gateway to the treks in the Annapurna region which are famous world over.

Some of the places to visit in Pokhara are;

● Sarangkot
● Phewa Tal
● World Peace Pagoda
● Moondance restaurant
● Devi’s falls
● International Mountain Museum
● Seti River gorge
● Varahi Mandir
● Gurkha Museum
● Old Pokhara


Patan was once an independent city – state but is now like a suburb in Kathmandu which is separated from the latter by the Bagmati River. The locals call Patan by its original name in Sanskrit which is Lalitpur or also by its Newari name which is Yala. Patan has the best collection of palaces and temples in the entire country of Nepal. The fair-trade shops in Patan sell high-class handicrafts at really competitive prices which encourages tourists to purchase souvenirs from them and the money from these purchases go to the needy in Nepal.

Some of the places to visit in Patan are;

● Mul Chowk
● Durbar Square
● Golden Gate
● Sundari Chowk
● Patan Museum
● Krishna Mandir
● Golden Temple (Kwa Bahal)
● Royal Palace


Bhaktapur is also one of the important medieval city-states in Kathmandu and is known to be the best-preserved city in the region. With the massive loss of life and devastation caused by the earthquake, there are still a lot to see in this city which is why Nepal tourism is very vital to this region. There is an entry fee to enter the town and experience the Nepali way of life. This fee amount directly goes to funding for maintenance and repairs of temples in the city.

Some of the places to visit in Bhaktapur are;

● Bhairabnath Temple
● National Art Gallery
● Taleju Bell
● Potters square
● Dattatreya Temple
● Nyatapola Temple
● Char Dham Temples


Bandipur is considered nepal’s most charming towns and is also aliving museum of the Newari culture and traditions which is charmingly preserved in the village. It can clearly be seen that a lot of effort has gone into developing the town to be suitable for tourism while preserving its old charm and magic. The abandoned buildings have been refurbished into quirky cafes and lodges, and temples and other civil buildings have been renovated from becoming ruins. This town has a stunning architecture from the 18th century along with an exclusive pedestrian zone and cafes and restaurants with outdoor dining giving it a very European feel! It is a very unique town to visit in the whole of Nepal and is definitely a must on Nepal holiday Packages.

Some of the places to visit in Bandipur are;

● Tundikhel
● Silkworm Farm
● Khadga Devi Temple
● Thani Mai Temple Viewpoint
● Siddha Gufa Cave
● Bindebasini Temple
● Padma Library



What is the must-visit places in Nepal?
In Nepal, you must visit Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Pokhara, Trek to Annapurna, Swayambhunath Temple, the Himalayas for a base camp trek, and Lumbin.

Is a passport required for Nepal?
A passport is not mandatory for Indians travelling to Nepal, but travellers from other countries or nationalities will need a valid passport before making the journey. 

Is Indian currency accepted in Nepal?
Yes, Indian currency is accepted in Nepal, although the 200-, 500-, and 2000-rupee denominations are banned and cannot be used. Other currencies like dollars or euros are also in use.

What can I buy in Nepal?
You may buy trekking gear, pashminas, stone and bead jewellery, handicrafts, tea and spices, and Thangkas (traditional Buddhist paintings hand-painted on fabric).