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Cool seashores, quiet white sands, beautiful grinning local people – this is the picture we invoke when we notice “Mauritius”. These are features of the island country, one of the best tourist spots. As there are different centers of attractive places in Mauritius – it becomes a special tourist destination. While the nation is simply 1.5 times the land size of Delhi, a very beautiful adventurous tourism spot, cultured diversity, and nearby food to enjoy give you sufficient spots to visit in Mauritius.

Mauritius Island

Home to the Mauritius capital – Port Louis and the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport, perhaps the best island to visit in Mauritius is simply the central area.

Look at bright canoes named pirogues being hustled and moved capably in Pointed Canon, or drive alongside the sea along the pleasant Bobby pin curve of Baie du Cap street. For the people who constantly need to take a hand at surfing, Rivière des Galets is the most ideal spot for you. One of the best tourist destinations.

Features of the Mainland Mauritius Island:

– Home to the Mauritius capital – Port Louis is open to every other island.

– Optimal spot for surfing and driving close by seashores.


Le Morne Beach is covered with loads of broken coral in its sand, subsequently exploring the presence of delightful marine life on its shores. From jumping to swimming, this Mauritius ocean side is a popular spot to enjoy amusement surging water-based exercises.

Le Morne also owns houses with some popular nightspots and cafes where you can appreciate nearby restaurants made with traditional techniques with expert chefs. From shopping to laying in a yard, this oceanside is stacked with numerous amusement choices.

Feature: Activities like breeze boarding, kite surfing, swimming, and scuba jumping are normal here. Likewise, the ocean side is spotted with selling neighborhood merchandise and gifts which you can reclaim home as tokens.


Perhaps the best island to visit in Mauritius, Rodrigues has lovely sandy seashores and a complete available shoreline of 80 km. The Francois Leguat nature reserve here is home to the north of 3,000 Jumbo turtles.

Traverse the astounding surrounding of strolling trails intersect the island, or partake in the incredible scope of watersports, for example, wind and kite surfing, ziplining, scuba jumping and that’s just the beginning. Among all Travelers sure love diving.

The most effective method to Reach from Port Louis:

– To arrive at Rodrigues Island from Port Louis, you should take a departure from Mauritius air terminal.

– Then again, a vehicle ship works from Port Louis to Port Mathurin one time each week.

Features of the Rodrigues Island:

– A 80 km shoreline with water sports for the experienced searcher.

– Home to more than 3,000 turtles.


Two distinctive delightful islands in Mauritius, Agalega and St. Brandon Island are inadequately occupied and surplus, making them all enchanted.

You can require an exceptional multi-day fishing excursion to the St. Brandon Islands on an altered extravagant sailboat where you can swim with sharks, turtles, and other hotshots; explore white sand pads and broken coral islands; notice settling turtles and the sky’s the limit from there.

Instructions to Reach from Port Louis: To arrive at Agalega and St. Brandon Island from Port Louis, you should take a departure from Mauritius air terminal.

Features of the Agalega and St. Brandon Island:

– A 8-day fishing excursion to the St. Brandon Islands.

– Swim with sharks, watch turtles home, and so on



The ‘Island of Coconuts’, this spot is a sanctuary of quietness that lies amid the Blue Bay Marine Park.

Visit the shocking Blue Bay in a glass-base boat, or enjoy water sports like swimming, jumping, fishing, solarium, scuba diving, and so on here. You can likewise look into the Blue Bay Maritime Reserve, a submerged save with wonderful corals and bright marine species.

While here, visit the ‘Follies’ Villa, which was worked during the 1920s. The estate is a combination of British, Moorish, and Mauritian plans.

Step by step instructions to Reach from Port Louis: You can arrive at Ile des Deux Cocos from Port Louis by transport, vehicle, or even a ship.

Features of Ile des Deux Cocos:

– The ‘Follies’ Villa.

– Visit Blue Bay in a glass-base boat.

– Swimming, jumping, fishing, solarium, scuba plunging, and so forth


Ilot Sancho’s network to the central area relies upon a time. Isolated from the central area by a flowing channel, it is a pleasant island to visit when the tide is out.

Mixing history and nature impeccably, it is a most loved surf spot in the South. With superb perspectives on the sea, you can join both a visit to the islet and an excursion around the ocean.

The most effective method to Reach Port Louis: You can drive down to Ilot Sancho from Port Louis and afterward take a boat ride or ship.

Features of the Ilot Sancho Island:

– Best surf spot in the South.

– Ideal spot for a day outing.



1. Curries – Popular Mauritian Cuisine

Curries have turned into a significant part of Mauritian cooking because of the solid Indian impact. They are anyway unique to the customary Indian curries. The Creole curries have garlic, onion and curry leave as their base. Frequently appreciated with rice and bread, the curries of Mauritius are not excessively hot when contrasted with their Indian partners. The octopus curry close to Gris ocean side will be a joy as you would prefer buds.

Where to attempt: Sunshine Fusion eatery in Poste Lafayette, Roti Aka Vinoda café in Flic en Flac, House of India in Trou aux Biches, Sitar Indian Restaurant in Moka, Saffron Grill eatery in Riviere du Rempart and Mich Resto in Chamarel town.

2. Farata – The Mauritian Version of Parata

Sounds like paratha, isn’t that so? Farata is the Mauritian variety of Indian paratha. It is frequently eaten with curry or chutney (read more on chutney later). Other than Farata, Roti Chaud is likewise presented with chutney and curry. They are generally sold in the city close to every Indian eatery.

Where to attempt: La Chaumière Masala Restaurant, Ile aux Cerfs Island, Mauritius and House of India in Trou aux Biches. Olivel tours members will help you with more clarifications.

3. Alouda – Almond Flavoured Faloda 

Sounds natural once more? Alouda is the variation of Indian Falooda. It is either pink or green in shading and is made by dissolving agar( which is thus gotten from ocean growth), basil leaves, and milk with pith. The best spot to attempt Alouda will be Alouda Pillay in Port Louis. It is likewise sold broadly in the local market of Port Louis so you won’t miss it in any case.

Where to attempt: Banana Beach Club in Grand Baie, Big Willy’s in Tamarin Village, The Oberoi Bar in Pointe aux Piments

4.Bois Cheri Tea – Mauritius Chai

Bois Cheri develops black tea, which is subsequently added with imported enhancing substances. After taking a visit through the Bois Cheri industrial tea estate, sit in the Bois Cheri hotels and partake in a taste of this dark vanilla tea. One extraordinary recommendation additionally assesses Bois Cheri tea from the shop, you will miss the preference without a doubt.

Where to attempt: Bois Cheri Tea processing plant in Bois Cheri Road, Mauritius

5.  Mauritian Biryani – A Hyderabadi Variant of Biriyani

Aside from being another Indian dish, Mauritian biryani is the same as Hyderabadi Biryani. The enhanced rice is made with an enormous rundown of flavors since a long time ago grained Basmati rice and yogurt. Additionally, potatoes are set at the base to keep the rice from consuming or adhering to the vessel. Le Tandoor, close to Grand Bay, is promoted as the best spot to appreciate Mauritian biryani. It is also commonly found in every tourist place in and around Mauritius.

6.Seafood – Mauritian Sea Dish

It is impossible to miss that an island encompassed by waters has some extraordinary fish coming up. Crab curry, coriander and stew fish, singed squid, Vindaye ourite, fish-based dishes are unquestionable requirements. The best fish of Mauritius is found along the ocean side streets and slows down along the ocean side. Prepare to eat the new catch from the waters! Almost all travelers never miss this.

Where to attempt: La Capitaine eatery, Amigo Restaurant in Cap Malheureux, Cabane du Filao in Pointe aux Piments, La Terrasse in Grand Baie, La Plage Restaurant in Palmar



1. Which is the best time to travel to Mauritius?

The best period to travel to Mauritius is between May and December, this is the point at which the climate is dry, moderate, and sunny. Like many Indian Ocean destinations, there is never an awful time to visit, but one being aware of cyclone season is far better.

2. Is Mauritius a family-friendly destination?

Yes, of course, a family vacation destination with loads of resorts. Not only for couples but also families, a significant part of the tourism.

3. What language is spoken in Mauritius?

There are a few dialects spoken all through Mauritius with the primary ones being English, Creole, and French.

4. What currency is used all through Mauritius?

The money used all through the Mauritius nation is the Mauritian rupee. Credit cards are acknowledged by all the hotels, restaurants, and tourist spots. ATMs are normal all through the nation. Credit cards are broadly acknowledged and ATMs are available for cash withdrawals.

5. Do I want a visa and passport to travel out to Mauritius?

A visa isn’t needed when going as a traveler from Canada or the United States for up to 90 and 60 days, separately. A valid passport is mandatory for travelers to travel across Mauritius tourism destinations.