kazakhstan Tour Packages


Kazakhstan, the world’s ninth-largest country, shares borders with Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan; and exhibits a unique culture created with the amalgamation of their prolonged history and divergences due to surrounding countries. Though there are not many historical sites in this country, the massive steppes and mesmerizing mountains along with the silent and mysterious Goliath state captivates Globetrotters with its unique experience.

This largest landlocked country is also the richest country in the world due to the enormous oil and natural gas reservoir. This city features magnificent architecture and numerous surprises that you cannot find in any other country. Explore this magnificent country by booking Kazakhstan tour packages with us and enjoy the most amazing holiday in this dazzling country.

Places to Visit in Kazakhstan

1. Nursultan

This capital city of Kazakhstan underwent transformation after 1998 that costed billions of dollars, making it one of the must-visit destinations not only in Kazakhstan but also in Central Asia. This city exhibits the magnificent amalgamation of old Soviet architecture and modern masterpieces go Norman Foster and numerous other renowned designers. One must surely add Baiterek Tower, Ak Orda Presidential Palace, and the Independence Square in the itinerary of their Kazakhstan travel packages.

2. Atyrau

Located in the northern area of the Caspian Sea, this beautiful city of western Kazakhstan. It is one of the rare cities in the world that are located on two continents, Europe and Asia. Established in the delta of the Ural River this dynamic city is a perfect destination for wanderers. It is the major hub of oil industry and locals exhibit the rooted Kazakh culture. Check out Kazakhstan trip cost for the quotes you receive for packages.

3. Almaty

This former capital city of Kazakhstan is still the largest one in the country. Therefore, it must be included in your Kazakhstan tour plan. As it is the financial and cultural center of lively Central Asia, you can witness international tourists roaming in the streets and grabbing a few local delicacies. It is one of the most expensive cities in the world that houses humble and welcoming locals. If you are traveling here during spring, then you can witness the majestic views of the snow-capped mountains.

4. Shymbulak

Locally known as Chimbulak is the largest ski resort in Central Asia. Located in the elevated part of the Medeu Valley at 7,200 ft above sea level, this place enthralls the adventure seekers. This resort can be reached by hoping a Gondola car from Medeu and prefer an excursion between November to May to witness the mesmerizing beauty of Shymbulak.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Kazakhstan is between July and August, as the country experiences beautiful weather during this time. It is comparatively less hot during this time, ensuring the perfect vacation to its visitors. You can also plan an excursion between April to June and in the months of September and October as the steppes are significantly beautiful during this time of the year. However, it is advisable to check the weather before visiting the country. July and August are the most preferred months by hikers too but if you are looking forward to sightseeing tours to glance the beauty of this beautiful country then September and October are the best months. If you are traveling on a budget then plan an expedition in September as you can grab some handsome deals at that time Choose from our customizable and best-selling Kazakhstan holiday packages for a hassle-free tour.

How To Reach

Traveling to Kazakhstan is quite easy as the country offers a visa on arrival for up to a vacation of 30 days. Following are the best ways to reach Kazakhstan:

By Air

The flag carrier airlines of Kazakhstan are Air Astana and experiences regular flights to and from Almaty, Astana, Abu Dhabi, Uralsk, Moscow, Delhi and numerous other destinations of the world.

By Rail

You won’t find the high-speed trains in Kazakhstan but the trains here are comfortable and clean. You can board a train from Almaty, Moscow, China, etc. to this beautiful country.

By Road

Kazakhstan welcomes regular buses from Urumqi. These are comfortable sleeper buses giving you a chance to encounter the panoramic beauty of this beautiful country. Kazakhstan offers a plethora of unique experiences for its visitors. Witness the lively vibe of this beautiful country by planning a visit here through customizable Kazakhstan trip packages.