A honeymoon is a special occasion like a wedding. To make it memorable, what better way can there be for honeymooners than spending time together on a private beach with dotted islands. Now, imagine the same on a starry night when the world looks all of a sudden quiet and serene, and nature is at its magical best.

This will be the most romantic time for honeymooners!!

You can fulfill all such wishes if you make the Maldives your honeymoon destination.

The Maldives in many ways is still relatively untouched by the hustle-bustle of modern life. It offers honeymooners all the irresistible ingredients that make for a dream honeymoon. Like the flawless beauty of nature; azure blue waters; amazing pearl-strung islands; enticing sand beaches with powdery white sands; incredible marine life; and stunning seaside resorts. For the adventurous honeymooners, some Maldives honeymoon packages also include several heady water sports and divine massages at exotic spas.

Why Maldives Is The Ideal Destination?

There are several reasons that make the Maldives a favorite destination for romantic honeymooners. But there are some that make it even more special. Here are six such reasons that make it one such.

1. Exotic Marine Life 

Most people know that the Maldives is hemmed in from all sides by beautiful seawaters. However, what many often do not know is that its seawater is also home to a rich collection of marine life.   

There is so much that honeymooners can do. They can sit for hours together to savor the beauty of the seawater; soak in the richness of the amazing coral reefs; sight giant whale sharks and other incredible underwater species; and play water sports including the much popular snorkeling.

The abundance of coral reefs and rich marine life available in the Maldives is unlike any other anywhere in the world. Honeymooners can even snorkel alongside a whale shark or blue dolphins.

2. Strategic Honeymoon Location 

The Maldives is often described as a ‘Heaven on Earth’, and a one-of-a-kind destination that was specially created by God. Located bang in the center of the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, Maldives is a collection of different islands, each with its own unique flavor.

Among the other locations offered by tours and travel agencies in Chennai, Maldives is the most preferred choice for honeymooners who can pick and choose an island of their choice for a celebration. Each island is pure and unpolluted, far from the maddening rush of the noisy and congested urban life. Honeymooners can just enjoy each other’s company, rest, de-stress, and savor the incredible diversity of Maldives’ breathtaking beauty.

Then there are private island resorts. They offer the perfect space for privacy and intimacy amidst tranquility and serenity. Some are so remote that honeymooners can sample a sense of isolation on a deserted island.

3. Private Villas / Underwater Bungalows

While picking the Maldives honeymoon packages, honeymooners have the luxury of choosing from a range of accommodation living options. 

There are hundreds of luxurious private villas in the Maldives in a diverse range. Honeymooners have a choice to pick from – overwater villas that offer a breathtaking ocean view; big bungalows by the beach inclusive of a swimming pool; rooms with the ocean waters right at the doorstep; and so on. 

The Maldives also offers an amazing depth of underwater bungalows. Each is unique in its own way that offers honeymooners many moments of magical times. 

They are an especially ideal choice from the months of December to mid-April. The weather remains amazing during this period, the sea waters are at their breathtakingly best, and the marine life comes alive in all its vibrancy.

4. Beaches With Amazing Sea-Life

The Maldives is home to a wide array of the most amazing beaches. From the quiet, white sand beaches to sandbank beaches or sand split beaches, honeymooners can take their pick for the most rollicking time together. 

There are also some dazzling beaches. Like the beach of the Vaadhoo island. This beach is said to light up in all its glory at night illuminated by rare glowing tides that wash the shores at night.

5. Diverse Island / Spa Range

The Maldives is one of those unique places on Earth that offers a diverse array of islands, around 1,192 coral islands. This allows honeymooners to simply hop from one island to the other, and spend a day on each of them.

Each coral island offers a unique set of stunning coral reefs with colorful marine life including reef fish and other deep-sea fishes; and beautiful resorts. 

The Maldives also offers some amazing couple spa destinations. What makes them so unique are they provide traditional healing techniques. Couples can revel in them while at the same time savoring the stunning views of the sea and its coral reefs. These make for special moments that can be savored for a long.

6. Underwater Dining

The Maldives has several luxury hotels that have unique restaurants built underwater. Dining in any one of them offers a romantic experience quite unlike any other. 

Honeymooners will not only be able to relish some of the most delicious food on Earth but will also be able to savor the magical diversity of the aquamarine life of Maldives. One such restaurant is the Ithaa underwater aquarium restaurant. It offers exotic food delicacies for the day/night and a champagne breakfast in the morning. It’s absolutely breathtaking, for not only a romantic experience but also for building memories of magical times. 

Honeymooners also have the chance to sail the ocean on a cruise. They not only can soak in the beauty of the ocean waters but can also watch the magical sunset, an experience quite like no other. They can also have a feel of abandoned seashores, far-flung islands, and sail into the middle of Landa Giraavaru’s pristine hideaway in the Baa Atoll UNESCO Biosphere Reserve; and Kuda Huraa’s enticing garden island, 

The Maldives is still untouched by the claustrophobic tempo of the urban modern world. It is still pure, still raw, still exotic, and still magical. It still is unpolluted and a perfect eco-friendly destination for honeymooners. Thankfully, most resorts in the Maldives adopt eco-friendly initiatives that help preserve the purity of the place and 


Honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime amazing experience. It is an experience that should be savored and enjoyed to the hilt. 

What better place can there be for couples to savor the priceless moments of a honeymoon than the Maldives. The Maldives not only inspires romance but also brings alive the beauty of nature to the fore at its magical best and the honeymooners closer than ever. 

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After all, special memories are built that way, isn’t it?